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Canadian School Bahrain complies with regulations laid by the Ministry of Education, British Columbia for staff recruitment. All academic staff at Canadian School Bahrain, are Ministry of Education certified and hold a valid: BC Certificate of Qualification (COQ).

We are always looking for talented new staff to join our team. If you are a BC certified teacher and would like to apply to teach at Canadian School Bahrain, we encourage you to do so. We look forward to hearing from you.

Hiring Primary Teacher for Grades K-5!

Contract Length: 2 years

Student Level: Elementary

Eligible Candidates:

  • Licensed Teachers
  • Native English Speaker
  • Bachelor In Education
  • Must be able to fulfill the requirements of British Columbia Teacher Certificate


  • Education Required: Bachelor
  • Major: Education
  • Required Certificates: Teaching Credential/License
  • Degree can be in liberal arts with a major in Education or an additional year in education beyond the undergraduate year
  • Teachers must be eligible to apply and meet the requirements for a British Columbia Teaching Certificate (Applications from other Canadian programs of teaching welcome)
  • Have a British Columbia teaching certificate or A teaching certificate from another Canadian province or Have a teaching certification from a foreign English speaking jurisdiction and meets the requirements of the British Columbia Teachers Regulation Branch. (5 year undergraduate degree taken in English and a teaching certificate)
  • Training (or experience) in elementary education
  • Energetic, creative, and have the fortitude to meet the challenges of a new school
  • Understand a personalized approach to learning and assessment
  • Have training or understanding of the inquiry approach to teaching and learning
  • Well versed in classroom teaching with integrated learning methods (as opposed to subject teaching)
  • Well versed in 21st century teaching and learning

Job Benefits:

  • A brand new facility with state of the art resources
  • Furnished apartment provided
  • One flight annually to and from the school and the home destination
  • Professional Development to provide consistent classroom experiences that mirror those in British Columbia, Canada
  • An experienced Principal to lead the professional team and the school
  • An exciting teaching and cultural experience in a modern Bahrain city
  • School year September – June including 3 weeks winter holidays, one week in February and one week in April plus other national holidays
  • A tax free salary comparable to salaries in British Columbia
  • Bahrain medical Plan
  • Transportation allowance

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