Fee Structure

Tuition fees

Fees are structured based on the requirements of the curriculum.

Parents are requested to pay the 1st instalment of the tuition fee along with the one-time registration fee to complete the student’s enrolment process with the Canadian School Bahrain.

Canadian School Bahrain Fees Table

Grade 1st Inst. February 2nd Inst. October 3rd Inst. December Total
Nursery BHD 850 BHD 500 BHD 500 BHD 1,850
Kindergarten I BHD 1,000 BHD 500 BHD 500 BHD 2,000
Kindergarten II BHD 1,150 BHD 500 BHD 500 BHD 2,150
Grade 1 BHD 1,200 BHD 550 BHD 550 BHD 2,300
Grade 2 BHD 1,250 BHD 600 BHD 600 BHD 2,450
Grade 3 BHD 1,250 BHD 700 BHD 700 BHD 2,650
Grade 4 BHD 1,300 BHD 775 BHD 775 BHD 2,850
Grade 5 BHD 1,300 BHD 875 BHD 875 BHD 3,050
Grade 6 BHD 1,300 BHD 1,000 BHD 1,000 BHD 3,300
Grade 7 BHD 1,350 BHD 1,100 BHD 1,100 BHD 3,550
Grade 8 BHD 1,400 BHD 1,175 BHD 1,175 BHD 3,750

Please note: The tuition fees exclude Books, Uniforms, After School Activities, Food services and Optional School Trips (School trips fees to be paid before each trip). 

Application Fee

At the time of admissions, you may collect the admission form from the school by paying a non-refundable fee of BD 100.

The admission application fee is a one-time fee which is applicable to new students only.

Registration Fee and Enrollment Fee

On receiving confirmation from the school regarding the student’s acceptance, parents are requested to pay:

  • A one-time registration fee of 250 BD to finalize the student’s enrollment, applicable to new students only
  • 1st installment of the tuition fee as mentioned in the chart above, under the ‘Tuition Fee Structure’ column