About Us


The Canadian School School Bahrain located in Diyar Al- Muharraq, is a not-for-profit, private international school offering the British Columbia, Canada curriculum. Diyar Al-Muharraq offers families the opportunity to live the traditional Bahraini way while maintaining easy access to all modern facilities.

The primary goal is to achieve unparalleled high academic standards by teaching the curriculum of British Columbia, Canada and integrating Arabic Language, Bahrain Social Studies & Citizenship, and Islamic Studies curriculum approved by the Ministry of Education in Bahrain.

After the opening of the school in September 2019, the school would have its final inspection by the Ministry of Education, British Columbia, Canada to qualify as a British Columbia Certified Offshore School.

The Canadian School Bahrain will implement a whole-child approach to learning that will enhance academic growth through an integrated curriculum attending to social, emotional, physical and educational needs of each student.

This integrated educational program will be taught by British Columbia Certified Teachers working together with Bahraini Certified Teachers for Social Studies and Citizenship, Islamic Studies and Arabic Language.



The Canadian School Bahrain- is a school dedicated to developing students who are confident in their culture, empowering them to achieve academic excellence through nurturing moral values of integrity, responsibility, respect and courage.



The Canadian School Bahrain is located in Diyar al Muharraq, a thriving community set within the idyllic Arabian Gulf in a master-planned community. Surrounded by miles of pristine sand, Diyar al Muharraq has public parks, children’s playgrounds scenic canals, waterway.